Artificial Intelligence Skill Advancement in Australia: Your Path to Excellence

Australia is one of the countries that gives innumerable opportunities that flourish your skills in Artificial Intelligence. The Australian government recognised and adopted this technology as the cornerstone of their development strategies. The government unleashes their extreme support for the efficient skill set development of AI. They took it as a progressive factor that raises the standard of living of its people and increases the employment opportunities in different fields and AI also made a huge contribution to the national economy. The Australian Department of Industry, Science and Government declares that they will give their utmost support to Australia to be a universal leader in advancing and implementing trusted, secure and dutiful AI.

The major noted point about AI is its adaptive skill set mechanism. AI is spreading its wave to diverse fields, from finance to healthcare. So the need for AI proficiencies is increasing day by day. The AI experts will place themselves in the job markets earlier than other aspirants.

The Growing Demand for AI Skills

When the employee market raised its urge for more AI experts, because of its intrusion ranging from industries to the day-to-day life of the common man. It has its place in the field of communication, issue-solving and better management of time. Many hospitals, companies and educational institutions have shifted to AI. When we took the data of Australians who put their belief in the magical power of this outstanding technology, they said that it boosted their career growth. While working with AI, people will suggest the requirements they need in it. The Australian market aims to achieve US$4.92bn in 2023.

AI Skill Development Initiatives

The government of Australia also made essential steps to foster AI levels. Many groups put forward many initiatives helpful for it. Both the federal and state governments played a crucial role in the mission of recasting it into a global leader in AI. The most cited initiative is the bringing of various AI courses and this will be beneficial to the employees to make the transition easily. The thirty-four-dollar project of the Victorian government stands as an example of an AI initiative. They execute twelve-week cost-less digital discipline classes which also comprise AI. Those who completed these courses could be able to be a worker for them for twelve weeks. Those who are inside the business should pay a subsidy.

Key AI Skills in Demand

Innumerable AI skills are widely popular in Australia. The AI skills had slight variations according to the company. Universally required top AI skills include Computer vision, Question answering, natural language processing, classification as well and recommender systems. Machine learning aids us through its ability to learn from experience and to insert ourselves in similar and diverse situations. Through neural networks of deep learning, we get the ability to new forms of raw data. With skills such as Data Science and Data analysis, we can recognize trends happening outside and also track progress. Mathematical and statistical skills help us by providing the tools that need to grasp the data. The AI aspirants should have the skill to handle the programming languages including Python,  Java, C++,  and Javascript. According to the data given by CSIRO and Deloitte Access Economics, Australia is craving around 1, 61,000 fresh AI expert workers by 2030.

AI Training Programs and Courses

Various prestigious institutions in Australia provide courses that help us acquire AI courses designed to meet the demands of the future. The first university is The Australian National University which provides courses such as the Bachelor of Advanced Computing(Honours)- Machine Learning, Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours )- Artificial Intelligence and the course Master of Computing. La Trobe University provides the course Masters of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Another institution is the Queensland University of Technology which delivers the course Masters of  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Finally, the Swinburne University of Technology offers a Bachelor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Career Opportunities and Pathways

As a nation that values Artificial intelligence as its milestone principle, it also offers abundant career opportunities for those who have obtained AI skills. Software Engineers, Robotics Engineers,  Artificial Intelligence Architects, Machine Learning Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Natural Language Processing Engineers, Data Mining and Analysis, Business Intelligence Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, Researchers and Research scientists are some of the posts reserved for them. Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Spotify, Wells Fargo, and Amazon Web Services are the international companies that offer different AI positions.

  The salary of AI experts varies according to their positions. But most probably it is between $79000 and 110000. The combined honours in AI with the syllabus covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and computer programming and software engineering. If you want to be hired immediately after your graduation, you need to attend, seminars, projects and workshops.