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Founded in 2019 as a Software Services Company headquartered in Sydney, we are dedicated to offering powerful Artificial Intelligence Australia and IT solutions across diverse platforms. With an aim to build a technology-driven world, where futuristic business models redefine the way people live, two aspiring entrepreneurs kick-started the operation of Seaford Pty Ltd. Throughout our journey we strived to hold the flexibility and adaptability that the new digital world demands. We also provide outstanding services in the areas of production, sales, and IT management services, thereby moulding ourselves as a proud national service company.

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Artificial Intelligence Australia (AI) Services & Consulting : SEAFORD

We connects you with industry-leading AI tools that streamline IT management and automate processes. By choosing to partner with Seaford, you can automate and enhance IT operational practices and access around-the-clock insight into the performance of your business operations. Reinvent mission critical workflows with AI to create efficient processes, augment human capabilities, and improve business outcomes.

Your trusted partner in AI Development

Leverage our AI expertise and elevate your business to the next level with Cognisable Helpdesk Agent.

Artificial Intelligence – consulting in the field of AI solutions

What AI  services can you expect?

Seaford offers unique AI consulting services that will help you realize how many opportunities come from implementing AI solutions into your business. Custom AI solutions created by Seaford teams are all addressing the specific needs of the industries our clients are operating in.

Artificial Intelligence influences most industries, among the most popular are: retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, marketing, and gaming sector.

Seaford may offer to you a variety of AI services, starting from an AI strategy roadmap to building a scalable AI infrastructure and production-grade AI solution deployment and Applying advanced patent pending AI technology to IT operations.

  • AI Strategy Roadmap – validate feasibility of using AI in your company, analysis of available data and data monetization potential
    AI proof-of-concept projects – test assumptions and hypotheses. We are delivering fast and reliable MVP solutions in 4-6 weeks.
  • Production grade AI implementation – implementing algorithms and models to support your business’s production systems and deliver insights in real-time
  • Support – we help our customers in model validation, quality control and system stability
  • Post-implementation warranty – we guarantee that our AI algorithms will bring you value and high accuracy

Our team develops customized AI solutions based on recent technologies.

We implement solutions based on high-tech solutions such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive analytics, Image Recognition, Recommendation Engines, Smart Search Engines, and many more. Unleash the power of smart technology to get a competitive edge and ensure your business modernity.

Seaford uses advanced AI algorithms. For tasks including Image or Text processing – Deep Learning algorithms are now very successful. Some of them are Convolution Neural Networks and Recurential Neural Networks.

Thanks to automatically choosing the most important features, AI Solutions can help solve the most difficult challenges of your business.

The biggest advantages of AI are self-learning capabilities and scalability.

It gives SaaS applications the ability to use algorithms for thousands of customers.

Redefining your IT service and support with Virtual SREs

Seaford Cognitive Helpdesk Agent is an AI-based IT support engineer that works with your IT helpdesk team to provide 24/7 automated IT support services. The Cognitive Helpdesk Agent leverages its well-trained IT knowledge and skills to understand requests from IT users and uses its built-in AI models to fulfill the request.

Due to the fact that AI learns the history of all users, it gives amazing opportunities for the Marketplace. One of the examples is using a recommendation system based on the preferences of each individual person.

More than 9 in 10 leading businesses have ongoing investments in AI.


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What clients say about our company?

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"SEAFORD is a fantastic firm to work with since they are constantly responsive and eager to go above and beyond to do the project correctly and on time. They have a high level of dependability and intelligence. We spoke with a number of marketing businesses about updating our website, logo, and other materials, and it was evident right away that SEAFORD was the best option."



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"Working with Seaford was a pleasure because they are consummate professionals. They are not only excellent at what they do, but they are also extremely detail-oriented, which ensures that their work is of the highest quality. As a client, they always checked to see if I was satisfied with the result and offered suggestions for improvements. Seaford comes highly recommended, and I would gladly work with them again."



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"A robust congratulations to the team at Seaford IT for a job well done. For a couple of years, we have been trying to put together a user-friendly e-commerce website. When our own skills did not manage to get where we wanted; Seaford IT took care of the rest. Under tight deadlines and with high expectations, Seaford IT, was a pleasure to partner with…professional, conscientious, and thoroughly competent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others, and I hope that we can continue to grow together."



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"It was a pleasure working with the team at SeafordIT. I was searching for a company that could support my needs in designing as part of my two businesses. Their graphic design section has some extraordinary professionals with great output. This team works hard, provides excellent service and exceptional products. I'm continually amazed at what they can design, from scratch to the overall look and feel of the final product. I have been working with them for over a year and am delighted with the results. Another highlight of SeafordIT is the communication and promptness in delivering the products. I strongly recommend this company for any graphic designing needs."


TLC blinds and Afforda Blinds, Sydney

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"We have increased connectivity and convenience with Seaford, as well as more predictable pricing. It has also meant that, as a growing company, we have a future-proof solution that can readily scale and supply vital tools and services to all of our employees, regardless of their location."



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