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As today’s world is pacing up with technology every AI industries undergoes digital transformation to deliver the best and innovative outputs to the customers. To sustain in this fast and developed world, the healthcare industry must transform digitally. Digital transformation remolds the industry to accelerate accurate service delivery and efficient customer relations within the industry. Digital Transformation within the healthcare industry will bring in more value to the care systems and customer engagements and thus aids the industry to operate as a sustainable healthcare system.

Seaford provides services to improve the quality of healthcare to people by enabling new digital models and infrastructure for the AI industries. We analyze and understand the requirements of healthcare systems and focus on providing suitable IT solutions for the AI industries thus ensuring the proper functioning of the organization and wellness of employees and patients. Seaford assures unique and innovative designing and execution of IT solutions that promote customer engagement for a viable healthcare system.


Consumer demands and strategies have changed radically over the past few years. Online and digital markets have altered how customers think and shop. They have more exposure to a variety of similar products on online markets raising the bars of competition between companies. Digital tools, social media reach, and efficiency of mobile applications determine the rate of sales and commercial value of retail businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to elevate the brand value and quality of shopping, shipping, return, and payment procedures of the product and services of a retail business.

Seaford is dedicated to lending hands for retailers to meet the requirements of new-age technologies. We help you to provide personalized customer experience of the digital retail world for your audience. We connect retailers with their target audience with innovative and agile IT infrastructures and solutions. We cater to deliver a flawless and best retail commercial experience for our customers.

Omni channel technology of online retail business. Multichannel marketing on social media network platform offer service of internet payment channel, online retail shopping and omni digital app.
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Telecommunication and Media

Technological innovations are breaking traditional standards of commercialization and customer engagements in every industry. Companies and industries have traveled beyond the boundary of traditional marketing and potential with the advent of technology and new models of IT infrastructures. In this era, it is necessary to unlock the digital challenges that determine the commercial and brand value of any business. With the changing world, it is necessary for the telecommunication and media industries to explore new methods to refine the digital experiences and models for customer satisfaction.

Seaford delivers innovative, modern, and effective IT solutions to elevate the execution and management of digital tools to your business. Our panel of expert professionals will assist you to explore the technological world of media and telecommunication industry. We use advanced tools to enhance the quality of customer experience and marketing strategies. We utilize our technical knowledge to assist telecom and media industries to stay dynamic and to balance the customer value and product quality in a sustainable manner.

Software and Platforms

The software and platform industry constantly undergoes changes and challenges with intense competition. In order to race up the industry, it is necessary to evolve and stimulate the boundaries of your business with innovative technological and consulting solutions. Ensuring trust-worthy data collection and authentic services are prime concerns of industries in this digital era. It is necessary to develop safe and reliable digital software and platforms to maintain your position in your industry. For software and platform companies the primary concern is to be on the right track and to maintain the customer value.

At Seaford, our team is dedicated to assisting our customers to function efficiently by improving the faults and elevating the standard of functions to meet the requirements of the industry. We help them to design their platforms innovatively to drive the attention of customers in a digital world. We strive to deliver faultless and personalized consulting and technological solutions to our clients in the software and platform industry.

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Customer expectations in this 21st century are escalating beyond limits. People of this generation expect and demands customized and creative services within a limited budget. To satisfy the needs of customers and to elevate the quality of services, the hospitality industry is forced to revamp their traditional service and marketing strategies to digital platforms. A digital transformation is necessary for the hospitality industry to design and organize their services to meet the likes and interests of customers. This industry has experienced a tremendous change in the past few years. Technology has extended the boundaries of opportunities and challenges for every industry in the world.

With well-experienced experts at Seaford, we will help you to transform digitally to provide flawless and innovative services to your customers. The hospitality industry is mounting up at a rapid rate in terms of growth and competition. We will assist hospitality industries to implement unique and innovative digital strategies to stimulate their progression.