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Intelligent Tools for Advanced IT Automation

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Innovate faster, reduce operational cost and transform IT operations with an AIOPs solution that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments. AIOps is an emerging system that combines big data and AI or machine learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks.

These tasks include availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management, and automation. By adopting and leveraging AIOps, IT organizations can automate and enhance IT operational practices and access continuous insight into the performance of their business services.

One-of-a-Kind Tools for Intelligent IT Operations

Seaford connects you with industry-leading tools that streamline IT management and automate processes. By choosing to partner with Seaford, you can automate and enhance IT operational practices and access around-the-clock insight into the performance of your business operations.

Cognitive Observe Manager

Gain unmatched visibility into the health of your operations. Seaford’s Cognitive Observe Manager uses advanced automation tools, deep learning, and big data to detect and predict events and anomalies. This radically saves you money on monitoring and IT operational costs and lets your IT staff focus on more critical operations. All KPIs are logged and stored on an operations database for long-term systems analysis and smart decision-making. Detect problems before they impact your operations and recognize incidents automatically without the need for manual intervention.

Cognitive Engagement Console

Streamline your IT team engagement protocols and seamlessly fulfill orders to help your partners comply with service level agreements. Seaford’s Cognitive Engagement Console enables IT organizations to improve their IT user engagement rates. Automated IT processes from Seaford improve operational cost efficiency and employee productivity. Gain a true proper risk assessment and enjoy better outcomes — it’s easy and we’ll show you how.

Cognitive HelpDesk Agent

Deliver better IT service experiences through conversation engagement. Our virtual tool enables unlimited 24/7 omnichannel interface abilities that provide immediate live support to your user requests. Move seamlessly across platforms and channels as you improve IRT support efficiency and lower the cost of operations. Your customers? They will love it.

Cognitive Automation Engine

Automate a wide variety of IT infrastructure management tasks to save money and speed processes. Seaford’s Cognitive Automation Engine is designed to automate mundane tasks and automatically remediate incidents and fulfill service requests. This improves your productivity and frees up time for more pressing tasks. Stop handling tickets manually and upgrade to a custom solution that automatically fulfills IT ticket requests. Our deep reinforcement learning executes event triage and automatic incident remediation for closed-loop change and configuration.

Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard

View your savings and efficiency realisation in real time with Seaford’s Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard. It clearly displays a host of sophisticated IT and business metrics that gives your leadership team a broad overview and detailed look into company performance as it unfolds. Instantly see how initiatives and changes pan out as you map your way to operational efficiency and better customer delivery. This single pane of glass tool eliminates operational silos and brings together disparate workflows to guide better decision making. Look at KPIs, performance times, ticket resolution, and more. Features include metrics from different sources, a KPI catalog, a composable KPI dashboard, contextual visualisation, and predictive analysis. This is the next generation of smart IT service delivery — flawlessly executed and surprisingly affordable.