Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard

Cognitive Enterprise Dashboard

CED is an executive dashboard tool that concentrates and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) from IT systems and other business systems to assess various aspects of fulfillment and produce practical business insights for senior management.

Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning with the speed to value with pre-built enterprise apps, the information architecture makes your data ready for an AI. The organizations should provide secure both the machine elements and human and the intrinsic infrastructure. There is no particular roadmap to the cognitive enterprise but focusing on the outlined strategic areas needs to accelerate the speed of success.



Collect metrics from different sources

Able to collect real-time measures from several types of IT and business tools, databases, and APIs.

KPI Catalogues

Allows the user to build KPI catalogues and derived KPIs with few clicks from existing KPIs or using business values rules.

Composable KPI Dashboard

Able to compose different dashboards for different users, including executives and managers.

Contextual Visualisation

Manage consolidated, contextual, and business views of KPIs with a business value propagation model.

KPI analytics and visualization with event and anomaly overlay

Accredit you to examine and envision KPIs, anomalies, events, and different IT infrastructure components into a graph or heat map.

Intently Align IT with the Business using Artificial Intelligence

The cognitive operation dashboard entitles the CIO or IT department to map IT investment returns in terms of business value

Enforce IT Policies and Governance

By manipulating advanced AI, you can permit you to keep track of and control IT capability commitment. Then set the seal on the delivery of business value IT investment to key stakeholders.

Acquire a Single Pane of Glass monitoring

Integrate several IT performance tools into a single pane of glass to supply superior IT operative effectiveness and eradicate soils of potency.

Gain Better Decision-Making Capability

AIOps technology empowers us to make a better-informed commitment and execute it using cognitive automation which saves cost and provides a quick result.

Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning models to foresee the KPI values and business metrics trends. By creating an intelligent protocol that employs AI and data organizations can enhance both employee and customer experiences. This technology is built with powerful models from scratch or speed time-to-value with pre-built pursuit apps. The business platform provides a solution customized to your industry and based on a focussed delivering a best-in-class target to deliver the most value.