Cognitive Engagement Console

Cognitive Engagement Console

Algomox CEC is an AI Ops ability that assists the IT team to engage with their IT consumers productively. The cognitive engagement console helps you to develop from the traditional ITSM domain to more analytics-driven IT service management. It also automatizes different tasks like event remediation, service request contentment, patch, and change risk assessment, and application releases. And it expands end-user engagement through conversational AI and omnichannel interfaces.

CEC is an all-in-one cloud contact centre solution that provides omnichannel, be it a voice, digital, or video, and a rich set of open APIs. It pre-integrates powerful AI and analytics capabilities and delivers personalized services across voice and nonvoice channels, enabling enterprises to provide an excellent customer service experience.



ITIL-based ticket life cycle management

Proficient in creating tickets instinctively from the backend (events or anomaly), manually using the UI, and consolidating with an L1 bot that creates tickets and manages the tickets’ life cycle.

SLA management

Helps you define service level intent and act following the service level agreements (SLA) for every ticket.

Escalation management

Permit you to compose different practical and stratified escalations and automatically send notifications as and when the escalation rules are triggered.

Integrated L1 support automation

Coherent with a cognitive L1 bot that answers different questions based on the L1 ability and logs tickets if required. Also, forward the interaction to the live agent if it cannot answer.

IT Knowledge graph

Able to create a constant support proficiency based on an in-built knowledge graph. The knowledge graph is constructed over a duration of time using historical data analytics and continuous learning.

Service management analytics

Help you examine service management operational metrics, and service level metrics to observe the service level intention and harmony.

Task work/flow management

Exemplify and automatize IT tasks and work to achieve specific and continuous goals.

Change lifecycle management

Permit you to configure and impose the lifecycle on a change request and audit trail the change process to revoke the change if the change does not meet its objective or impact the solidity of the system.

Change risk assessment

Helps you to analyse the change risks and impacts before the actual change procedure and adequately manage the change lifecycle.

Service desk agent performance analysis

Gain intuition about the relative performance of the service desk agents including agent behaviour, and agent productivity.