Cognitive Automotive Engine

Cognitive Automotive Engine

CAE is an AIO capability that self-operates daily control engagement and functional tasks. Also, it uses deep reinforcement learning and defined state robot-based event emphasize and experience auto-remediation. Along with this, CAE enables you to do the closed-loop change and positioning. Revitalizing the customer experience through the usage of mobile and cloud-driven web solutions defines the dynamic framework of the automotive process by adapting the latest technologies through an intellectual culture in accepting the challenges for the customers.  



Event triage and auto-remediation

Self-acting event triage and incident remediation using deep reinforcement learning-based models and finite state automation.

Automated service request fulfillment

Qualify you to provide an end-to-end robotic approval workflow and contentment steps.

Closed-loop change and configuration

It assists you in supervising the configuration changes and guarantees flawless provisioning with an intuitive feedback loop.

On-demand task execution

Accomplish a task or action on an on-demand basis to consummate a particular change.

Ongoing schedule-based task life-cycle management

Run daily control and functional tasks based on organizing and reporting any errors.

Integrations for an end to end-use cases

Firmly consolidated with cognitive observe manager, cognitive engagement console, and cognitive security performance centre.
Automation Orchestration And Runbooks

Automation orchestration and runbooks

Standard operating procedures and AI-based runbook models to mobilize and automate the most complex business and IT processes.

Application release automation

Enable to package and bring into action your business application or update across the complete release lifecycle of the application.

Cognitive automation describes the ways of merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and process automation capabilities to improve business outcomes. Automating process workflows and decisions using AI replaces traditional business rules. Using the process of automation applies continuous machine-learning algorithms to analyses large amounts of customer queries enabling automated human-like communication. The seamless conversations with effortless messaging to customers, the Q&A with the new sales channels, and rich messages operate and integrate effectively.