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Re-conceptualization of IT Service Management and Support with Virtual Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

The latest trend in various business areas is the use of AI-based virtual Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) to revolutionize IT service and support. These virtual SREs employ advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques to detect and address user inquiries using deep reinforcement learning methods. Virtual SREs are developed and trained to possess specific skill sets relevant to their respective areas and serve as a substitute for humans. The advent of automation has led to the re-exploration of People, Processes, and Technology by AI, transforming people into virtual SREs capable of efficiently resolving repetitive assistance tasks from tools, users, or customers. The implementation of AI-powered virtual SREs is expected to enhance productivity by 40%.

Virtual Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

Service Level Management

Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, virtual SREs have the capability to analyze and interpret user queries, commands, and requests in order to determine their intent. Once the intent has been classified, these agents can automatically generate and resolve IT tickets. This process helps to ensure that service thresholds, such as meeting SLAs, reducing MTTR, and improving the overall customer experience, are consistently met.

Authorising L2 team with Virtual Linux Admin and DB Admin

The use of virtual agents has made it possible to automate manual tasks performed by Linux and dashboard administrators using AI. This has led to the emergence of virtual SREs that can perform administrative activities without significant manual intervention. By implementing these virtual agents, organizations can streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

Benefits of Virtual SREs
Re-Exploring IT Support Intelligent Automation with Virtual Admins Empowering AI-enabled Self-Service Intelligent Auto Ticketin Auto-remediation of Incidents Auto-fulfilled Service  Requests Automate Mundane IT Tasks Enhancement of Employee and Customer Experience

Benefits of Cognisable Helpdesk Agent for automating L1 IT support.

Better IT service experience

IT organizations are recognized for delivering superior IT services to end-users by leveraging conversation rendezvous and knowledge graph-powered counter-responses and actions. These approaches enable organizations to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for their users. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, businesses can optimize their operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

Permits you with 24/7 omnichannel

An AI-based help desk service that operates around the clock, providing users with instant live support through an Omni channel interface is now available. This service offers businesses the ability to deliver real-time assistance to their users, enhancing the overall customer experience. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology, this help desk service can operate without limits, providing fast and efficient support to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shift left further with help desk automation.

You can improve IT support efficiency and reduce operational costs by implementing self-regulating mechanisms in your IT service desk and help desk. By automating routine tasks and leveraging AI technology, businesses can optimize their operations and enhance the overall customer experience. This approach enables organizations to free up their resources, allowing human resources to be allocated.

Improve customer satisfaction

Automated IT services based on knowledge graph technology can provide quick incident and service request resolutions, leading to a better customer experience. This approach optimizes operations, reduces manual intervention, and enhances accuracy, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for businesses.

Norra for L1 IT Support

Norra enables IT helpdesk teams to provide quick service request fulfillment and automated incident resolution without increasing L1 helpdesk staff. This innovative technology optimizes IT operations, enhances the customer experience, and increases efficiency and productivity while reducing operational costs.