Artificial Intelligence Development in Australia: AI in the IT Industry

Artificial intelligence is slowly fixing its roots in different parts of the world. The Australian government also adopted AI by recognizing it as a milestone technology in the nation’s interest. They considered it a highlighted factor that stimulates economic growth, creates employment opportunities, and raises the standard of living of its citizens. The Department of Industry, Science and Resources of the Australian government announces that they will support Australia as a global leader in advancing and adopting trusted, secure, and responsible AI.

The IT industry is one of the most prosperous industries in Australia. Recent innovations like WIFI and google maps are also suited to Australia. Innovations, research, and developments in the digital sector are constantly modifying these industries. The highly efficient economy transmits its support to the development of software, technological advancements, product innovations, and new markets.

Introduction to AI in Australia

Australians entirely linked their life matters to AI, ranging from gushing recommendations up to predicting forest fires. The strong foundations of Australia became the sole reason for its ignited rank as a responsible leader of AI. In 2019, Australia became one of the initial countries that adopted an Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework. This framework embodies moral principles to confirm the security of AI applications. As a modified step, the experiment in some of Australia’s great businesses, including NAB, Telstra, and Microsoft.

Government Initiatives and Funding 

The government of Australia gave a remarkable welcome to AI into their land. As a part of that, they offer $44 million to institute AI and digital capability centres, associating business weapons with AI weapons, services, expertise, mechanisms, and practicum.

The major initiative in AI is digital capability centres. They will boost their AI mastery in business, and the use of AI equipment and tools bind small and medium enterprises to each other. It also provides training and acts as a guide to AI technologies. These centres will promote the AI product to bag global recognition.

AI Research and Academia

The major attraction of AI research is its stress on Data recognition and pattern analysis. The Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) is a prominent institution for artificial intelligence. It aims to formulate a theoretical foundation and leading algorithms and to stimulate machine learning, data science, and related areas.

AAII research labs prove the standard of research over there, and it also counts as one of its value-added features. Computer Intelligence and Brain-Computer  Interference Lab (CIBCI), Data Science and Knowledge Discovery (DSKD), Intelligent Computing and System Lab, and Biomedical Data Science (BDS)Lab are some of its research labs.

Emerging Startups and Companies

The aura of artificial intelligence spread rapidly in the land, and it caused the emergence of startups and companies in AI. There were around 943 AI startups in Australia and this, including “Harrison,” a giver of multiple diagnostic analyses, “Canva” which nurtures graphic design; “Synchron” fabricates and demands medical devices; “Clearview AI “defined as a tool used for the enforcement of the law, are included in the list of prominent AI startups.

AI also enabled the mushrooming of companies contributing to the country’s economic growth. The company section is enlisted with “Appen,” the provider of essential data which aids AI models and makes them more intelligent.”Elmo Software” is another AI company that develops engaging working places, prompts to make intelligent HR decisions, and admits talent gaps. “Quokka Labs “is a company that focuses on its tools for designers, creative beings as well as artists, and the company “Roobot concentrates on the upliftment of the agricultural sector.

Industry applications and success stories

Australians applied AI in different ways; to detect pedestrians on the road and to screen for eye disease and diabetes in healthcare. Unfortunately, these applications went into failure.

There are two optimistic success stories of AI in the record of Australia. Rio Tinto, one of the major mining groups in Australia, introduced self-driving trucks in 2008 and expanded it to mining operations. They utilized AI for controlling their trucks, trains, and drilling tools and stand as an efficient role model for companies that use AI. Another successful application of AI is in law enforcement in Australia. Using AI, they catch people illegally using mobile phones while driving. With the utilization of machine learning, they capture photos of traffic.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Experts documented the challenges of AI as well as its future opportunities. Many experts claim AI will doubtlessly remove some jobs, including customer service executives, bookkeepers, proofreaders, Courier services, and translators.

For future benefits, the most applicable solution is to be updated in technologies and advancements of AI. The assumption of overrule of robots is quickly replaced by the fact that human communication is essential for every business and is equipped with people to prepare for interviews.