Top AIOPs Solution IT automation tools in 2024

AIOps tools are advanced tech systems that make IT tasks easier by using data analysis and machine learning. They gather data from different IT tools and devices to quickly detect and solve problems as they happen. The AIOps market is expanding fast, reaching $29.97 billion in 2023. As it grows, many new AIOps solutions are popping up to help businesses work better and more efficiently. Let’s look into the fundamentals of AIOps tools and how to use them effectively in your business to make things run smoother. We’ll cover five useful tools for advanced Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations Sydney.


Seaford’s is an AIOps platform in Sydney offer tailored AI solutions designed powerful enough to bring all of your work together across apps into one centralized work hub. Seaford’s top game changer AI tool that offers a assortment of services, starting from developing an AI strategy roadmap to deploying production-grade AI solutions. Seaford provides a range of AI services, including developing AI strategy roadmaps to assess the feasibility of AI usage and analyze data monetization potential.

Also conduct AI proof-of-concept projects, delivering quick and reliable solutions within 4-6 weeks. Seaford assists with production-grade AI implementation, integrating algorithms and models to support real-time insights. Seaford offers ongoing support for model validation, quality control, and system stability. Additionally, Seaford provides a post-implementation warranty, ensuring that their AI algorithms deliver value and accuracy to businesses in Sydney.

Site 24×7

Site24x7 provides a monitoring platform powered by AI for modern IT operations. It’s s designed for DevOps and IT teams to keep a close eye on their systems. Site24x7 combines the expertise of Manage Engine and Zoho to offer a solution that helps detect and analyze server issues quickly, with features like root cause analysis. Users can create custom plugins to monitor specific aspects of their systems and track performance on various platforms including Windows, Linux, VMware, Docker, and Kubernetes.

It is a cloud-based network monitoring tool that supports multiple vendors and provides real-time monitoring of your network supporting languages like Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and mobile platforms. It helps reduce network outages and ensures high availability through uninterrupted monitoring and providing intelligence needed to manage complex networks effectively. Overall, it is completely a money saver tool and These are the reasons why many of our customers consider Site24x7 the best network monitoring tool.


Dynatrace is all about making sure software runs perfectly. Their platform brings together different kinds of data like observability, business, and security, on a really big scale. They use something called “Grail” to handle this massive amount of data and keep everything organized. With “Smartscape” they create maps that show how different parts of software systems connect, which helps understand how everything works together.

Their secret weapon is “Davis”; a super-smart AI that helps in many ways. It can predict future problems, give precise answers to questions, and even automate tasks. The application performance monitoring feature checks how people use your apps and keeps track of how well they work over time. With actionable AI, you can spot and fix customer issues fast, making sure people have a good experience with your digital services on mobile, web, and IoT devices.


Splunk helps 91 out of the top 100 big companies with its services. It's a super detailed AIOps platform that works with different cloud providers and in-office setups. Splunk covers all the important parts needed for an AI platform. It's really good for big companies because it has top-notch equipment and covers everything they need. But for small companies, it might be too much since it’s really comprehensive.

Splunk is a versatile cisco powered company that that offers AI-powered solutions for security and observability. This means it can gather and study data from various sources and software platform to search, analyze and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, devices etc. The extensible data platform powers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications and users can closely monitor the health of their services. One of Splunk’s powerful features is it’s cloud-powered insights for petabyte-scale data analytics across the hybrid cloud with Splunk as a service. For IT teams, this is incredibly useful because Splunk offers a whole suite of various software, apps and APIs, plus a whole lot of flexibility for your future needs. Its solutions help organizations mature your digital resilience, so you can adapt to anything.

Moogsoft Moogsoft is a another game changing AI tool provides the most advanced self-servicing AI-driven platform that allows software engineers, developers and operations to instantly see everything. It improve the signal to noise ratio by reducing and then correlating alerts together. Our AIOps platform suggests root cause and enables cross-team collaboration to solve incidents faster. Moogsoft is here to improve the detection and remediation of incidents, ensuring continuous service delivery of your business. This reduces the time spent sifting through irrelevant alerts and helps teams focus on critical issues. This means ITOps teams won’t experience any downtime.